"I wasn't Aware That Samidoh Was Married' Karen Nyamu Narrates about her encounter with the singer


Karen Nyamu met with Samidoh sometime in the year 2019 at a political concert.

They became great friends and eventually fell in love. Their love was fruitful and they were blessed with a bouncing baby boy.

“I wasn’t aware that Samidoh was already married. He didn’t have any ring and he started hitting on me four months after having a pure friendship with him,” she said.

The mother of two further explained that she only reacted out of anger and wanted the singer to own up his child.

“He was so afraid and was waiting for our baby’s first birthday do that he would go public about out baby. I failed to understand why he was afraid and yet he told me that he have sat his wife down and informed her about my son,” said Karen on an interview with Jalas.

Despite having an online battle with the lovely family, Karen confirmed that she isn’t having anything against Edday and that she doesn’t want to be Samidoh’s second wife. 

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