Uproar as a Patient Removed a Tree Branch by Doctors

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Unbelievable incidence has been reported at Eldoret referral hospital after a tree branch was removed from a class three pupil who fell from a tree.

According to reports, the pupil was pierced by a tree branch in Busia near Nambale before he was rushed to nearby local clinic. The eleven old boy was reported had fallen from the tree which was planted near there homestead. The tree branch was reported went through neck and out of his face. His mother raised alarm, neighbours rushed to rescue him but all was unsuccessful, the family ordered a car driver to take the boy to Nambale Sub county Hospital.

 Finally, he was transferred to Eldoret were Doctors and nurses succeeded removing the tree branch through conservative surgery.

His mother who accompanied the boy, says that he his on good condition despite feeling unwell. Nurses are closely monitoring the boy's condition and have assured the general public that the boy his recovering well.

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