Top five senior high schools in the Western Region[2021]


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Education as they say is the key to greater success. This therefore arises the need for each and everyone to acquire some level of education. This can be formal or informal.

In today's article, we are going to take a glance through the top reigning senior high schools in the western region of Ghana. Let get started.

1.Archbishop Porter Girls Senior High School.

They are normally known by the acronym A.P.G.S.S. It is an all female second cycle institution located in Takoradi.

It was established in 1965 initially called St. Louis Secondary School. It is a catholic school as well.

2.Ghana Secondary Technical School.

The Ghana Secondary Technical School is a Science and Technology oriented high school located in Takoradi on the west coast of Ghana. It is an all male second cycle institution which provides alongside technical training to students apart from the normal courses offered in most schools. Averagely they perform very well in the general WASSCE sittings every year.

3.Shama Senior High School.

It is a coeducational senior high school located in Shama in the western region of Ghana. It was established in the early 1990s as part of the 1998 educational reforms. It is a mixed gender institution.

4.St. John's Senior High School, Sekondi.

It is an all male second cycle institution and also a catholic school. Old boys of the school are referred to as "old saints". They have produced prominent people over the years and some are; Dr. Frank Abu , former minister of mines and energy.

5.Mpohor Senior High School.

It is located in Mpohor as the name says it all. they have an average pass of 77% in most annual general WASSCE sittings. It also a mixed gender second cycle institution.