4 Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking Up a Task

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Know which tasks or activities will maximize your time

Every day, we all have so much to do. We juggle households responsibilities with work and business commitments. And it sometimes feels like 24 hours isn’t just enough. The problem isn’t so much about how much time we have as it is about what we do with the time we do have.

To cut through the distractions and get more out of your day, they are four questions you must answer to help you decide which activity is worth your time and energy:

1. Does It Need Immediate Attention?

Most people don’t realize this: on any given day, only 3–5% of the many different things you engage in will make the most difference in your life, your income, career, success, and happiness. The rest will not have as much impact or they will be mere distractions.

The difference between the most productive people and those who are not is in being able to clearly identify these few really important, high priority, ought-to-do tasks and focusing their time, energy, and resources to get them off the plate.

As Vincent Carlos has said: “Success is never achieved by the person who does the most things every day. Instead, success is always achieved by the person who does what is most important every day.”

It’s important to make the point that tasks are not created equal. Each activity will ranks differently on what I call the “Importance and Urgency Scale.”

So how do you know which responsibility or activity (whether personal or professional) needs your immediate action?

The condition is this:

High Importance + High Urgency = Action

In other words, these are activities that can’t wait or be procrastinated on because they have a direct impact on your goals.

Think of accomplishing these tasks in terms of the domino effect. When you achieve them, they make it easier to get lesser priorities done as well as they move you closer to your weekly, monthly, and even yearly targets.

2. Can It Be Delegated to Someone Else?

“Amazing things happen when you start focusing primarily on what you do best and eliminate or delegate the rest.” — Michael Hyatt

It's totally incomprehensible you'll be capable in doing everything. You can be a 7-figure online mentor however suck at fixing your PC or cutting your path. 

The most useful individuals center around the exercises that (I) they are acceptable at and (ii) get them the ideal outcomes. 

It's anything but a savvy choice to invest significant energy tinkering with things you're in an ideal situation giving over to individuals who could do it quicker than expected and all the more successfully as well. It's classified "appointment." 

Assuming you need to benefit as much as possible from your day, having the option to perceive what should be appointed is urgent. 

The standard is to gauge a particular undertaking on the significance and earnestness scale and the condition that, for example, task should meet is this: 

High Urgency + Low Importance = Delegate 

Basically, you should appoint any obligation that is exceptionally pressing yet not really significant. 

As indicated by Stephen Covey, "We achieve all that we do through assignment, either to time or to others." 

Undertakings in this class can give you a misguided feeling of accomplishment since they keep truly occupied however as a general rule, they don't add anything significant to your main concern. In any case, by assigning, you save time for undertakings that really move the needle in your life, business, and vocation. 

3. Would it be able to Be Schedule For A Later Time? 

Definitely, most errands can stand to pause, basically for a later time frame. What's more, by their temperament, such exercises permit you to figure everything out prior to getting back to them. 

In any case, a significant inquiry to pose is under what condition would it be a good idea for you to defer or move any offered task to a considerably more advantageous time? 

Here is the condition: 

High Importance + Low Urgency = Schedule 

At the end of the day, on the Importance and Urgency scale, you ought to reschedule an undertaking assuming it's significant yet not quickly needful and, return to it later. 

Take working out. 

Exercise is a significant day by day schedule assuming you need to remain fit, correct? However, there's no particular chance to do it, regardless of whether toward the beginning of the prior day work or around evening time before rest. What's significant is that you find time for it when you have the opportunity. 

4. Would it be advisable for it to Be Eliminated Altogether? 

In case you're at any point gotten a dismissal note from Medium bar editors you'll unquestionably know the assertion, "Sorry, we'll pass on this as it's anything but a solid match for us." 

At the point when an assignment is anything but a solid match for you, you should have a go at sending it this dismissal note. Be that as it may, truly, we shouldn't trouble ourselves with most exercises we take part in. They are interruptions, energy drainers, and they essentially leave you more terrible off. 

Stop and think for a minute; errands in this classification score awfully awful on the Importance and Urgency scale. They have low significance and low desperation. 

Low Importance + low criticalness = Eliminate 

Participating in these exercises doesn't consider the best utilization of your time, and in general, they make you less successful. Fortunately, you're not under commitment to do them and you can decide to do them at your own speed, whenever you like — regardless of whether it's sitting in front of the TV, really looking at web-based media, figuring out garbage mail. 

Point out that these exercises are not genuinely horrendous, yet on the off chance that unchecked, they can occupy room and keep you from continuing ahead with what makes a difference. 

Last Thought 

Time is such a significant resource that can't be recuperated once squandered. Also, frequently, we squander it by participating in exercises, assignments, and tasks that have no genuine worth. 

In any case, having the option to figure out which undertaking merits your time, energy, and assets relies upon asking yourself vital inquiries to explain how each errand positions as far as criticalness and significance.

Thanks for reading!

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