Tommorow Matches Must Win To Bank On

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After a major defeat by Southampton with a score of 1:4, the bees caught two more pockets in a row. First, Frank's proteges went with zero on the scoreboard in the confrontation with Liverpool (0:3), and then lost to Man United - 1:3. Note that in the last match, Brentford looked pretty good in the first 50 minutes, and at the end of the meeting did not stop attacking. So far, the club has the 14th place in the standings.

Wow, Wolverhampton gives out result after result, and the guys began to demonstrate an unusual attacking football for themselves. First, Wolves scored three goals in the cup confrontation with Sheffield (3-0), and then confidently beat Southampton in the Premier League – 3:1. Yes, with such a performance, the wards can soon put pressure on teams from the top 6 and more.

Prediction: Bentford to win the match

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