Check out this unique looking dog you may have never seen before


Like Neil Armstrong described the world in his song "What a wonderful world" shows how beautiful the world is for everyone who is interested in and ready to devote his/her times for this strange but wonderful sights. I recently came across a dog and it uniqueness is the strange look that makes it appear like pelican (a large bird with large throat pouch used for catching prey and draining water from the scooped-up contents before swallowing). The name of the Dog is BORZOI .

A borzoi sighthound hunting breed of domestic dogs. They are descended from the working dogs of people who migrated from Central Asian countries to Russia prior to the 17th century that almost got extinct during the war on the Russian ground in the early part of the 20th century .

They are beautiful dogs that comes in different colours of white, black, grey,tan e.t.c. They have a height that ranges from 75–85 cm (30–33 in) and a weight that ranges between 75–105 lb (34–48 kg). The lifespans is around 11- 15years and a litter sizes of 1- 11puppies . The Borzoi are relatively gentle,athletic, quiet , respectful and intelligent for a dog of it size .

If you want a dog that :

If you dont want to deal with a dog with :

So put on you pant if you are a lover of dog or want to keep a dog that is that is strangely looking yet gentle and visit an animal hospital or book for one online today .

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