"If it is not me, then vote for Raila " Wajackoya says

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"If it is not me, then vote for Raila and dismiss Ruto," Wajackoya says

The Roots Presidential candidate and flag bearers professor George Wajackoya has taken his campaign for Presidential seat to Kisumu in his visit to Western and Nyanza part of Kenya.

Wajacjoya who is gaining huge followers and supporters, especially the youths due to his manifesto of realizing smoking and growing Marijuana also has a manifesto of rearing snakes for export to keep the country away from debts.

Today in his campaign in Kisumu county, he said that if people will not elect him as the present, then they should elect Raila because he is the only person he can work with, Wajackoya dismissed Ruto's presidential bid.

"Raila had sent me, he has told me where to go and not to go. Raila has allowed me to go ahead until we get Victory. If you do not vote for me you would rather vote for him. A victory for either of us will be a win for you too" Wajackoya made this statement.


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