Netizens React To Photo Of Bony Khalwale Helping Kids To Cross A Busy Highway

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One thing that you can never take from Kenyans is their freedom of expression, irregardless of the circumstances Kenyans will always converge and give their positive or negative comments about a particular scenario or an event without giving it an after thought of how things might turn out.

Today former Kakamega senator Bony Khalwale was at the end of things, the vibrant politician faced the wrath of Kenyans on social media after posting a photo of himself assisting two teen-age girls to cross a busy Kakamega Kisumu highway.

"Crossing the busy Kakamega Kisumu Highway at Amalemba is quite hazardous. Helped three girls from Bukhulunya primary to cross" he posted.

With the comments that followed it seemed that a big number of Netizens online warent impressed by this move as some expressed criticism for the obvious act.

Robert Alai : You had to be photographed

Kewa SK: So they should elect you because of that...tenda wema nenda zako

Mac Prince Otani: Stay there for five years tujue uko serious

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