ODM Senator Reveals Course Of Imminent Corruption Cases In The Country


The government of Kenya under the leadership of president Uhuru Kenyatta has encountered a lot of corruption Cases. The government has lost billions of shillings in various sectors from the ministry of health to Education.

The recent case of corruption was established in the ministry of education where tuition fee was paid for ghost students. Before the handshake in 2018, the opposition ensured that the public tax was used in right way. The former Prime Minister Raila Odinga alerted on intention to steal any money.

The Naroko senator, Ledema Olikina has revealed that the cases of corruption are increasing due to lack of opposition which has to check on the government services. While on Citizen TV today morning he said that,"we no longer have an opposition thus we can no longer check the government."

The president has set up various mechanisms to ensure that those who steal the money are apprehend and taken to court.

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