It Was An Attempt To Add A Human Touch : Priest Who Kissed 3 Students Speaks

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The Reverend Father at the centre of a kissing video that went viral has finally reacted to the issue.

In an apology letter, the Reverend Father explained that, his action was in appreciation of the 3 female final year students who would be going for their teaching practice.

He also stated that, the 3 female students performed well and they were to be appreciated by the Chaplain of the College.

On why he kissed the 3 female students, he explained that, it was an attempt to add a human touch and he is sorry for his actions.

He also admitted that, he did not think through his actions and he pray for forgiveness from all and sundry.

The video in which he was captured kissing the 3 female students went viral on both social media and mainstream media with some Ghanaians condemning his actions.

He has since been relieved off his post by the Catholic Church.

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