My Face Without Makeup Is My Private Life - Anita Akua Akuffo Blasts Netizens.


Anita Akua Akuffo is one of the beauty queens at TV3. She was a finalist in Miss Malaika Ghana Beauty Pageant. She came into limelight when she was working with Ghone tv as hist of a fashion show. She is undoubtedly fluent in the English language and very gorgeous. However, her contract was ended with Ghone tv and she moved to Tv3. She is the host of "The ladies Circle", "Covid 19 360" and also on the entertainment desk of tv3.

On her interview today on the Delay Show, she makes certain revelations about her life. According to her, a lot of fans have been persuading her to drop her picture without makeup. But, according to this young presenter, she thinks that us her personal life and if she is willing to do that she will do it in due course.

Personally, I think she should not interfere her private life with her social life if there will be conflict of interest. As a people, we should not force people to do things that will contradict their personal life. Do leave your comments below and likewise share this article to the reach of many.


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