How to Tighten Your Organ After Child Birth And Correct Hormones After Family Planning.


The Alchornea cordifolia in scientific name has been proven to be an effective herb in the treating and balancing female hormones after abortion, childbirth, and family planning. Its leaves are used to cleanse the stomach. Since s@x is one of the most important thing in marriages it will better for the women to take good care of their downstairs to bring happiness in the marriage.

Despit iit's medicinal purposes, it has been it has the potential to cure the following :

1. Eliminating bad odour from the genital

2. Curing gonorrhoea

3. The ability to balance female hormones

4. It tightens and cures wounds of the female reproduction organ after birth.

5. It also has the ability to prevent menstrual pains


To prepare it, you will need both dry and fresh leaves of Alchornea cordifolia.

Put all in one pot, add water and boil for some few minutes.

Add some salt and allow to cool. Filter the mixture to separate the debris.

Wash your female organ with the cold mixture each time you are going to bath. Repeat this three times a week for a month and see the results.

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