Advantages of Vocational Education and Training Institutions


Have you ever wondered why the government of Kenya is investing soo much money in tvet institution as compared to other institution? and some of the investment is that they placed the institutions under a new tighter regulatory regime to boost the quality of learning , thus the Tvet institution promotes in giving the youth skills which in turn reduces the number of youth who are jobless.Since nowadays the devaluing of soo called blue collar jobs is mentality born out of contorted nation of education's functioning in the society. And as for Kenya the Tvet act 2013 was designed to address the job issues.

Benefits that result to studying at Tvet colleges.

The entrepreneurship skills acquired at Tvet colleges can be used to start bussines e.g catering and building.

Tvet colleges are accessible to all young people and expecially to youth from previously disadvantaged communities.

The students develop the skills that are needed in local business and in government department.