"Leave Ruto Alone or You will Leave to Regret" Analyst Manyora Warns Raila


Political analyst Herman Manyora.

The political wind continues ravaging the country and political leaders are taking the country by storm. Leaders, politicians, politicsl experts and ordinary Kenyans are gearing up ahead of 2022 general elections. The game of insults is already taking away political leaders and Raila Odinga and DP. William Ruto are already facing each other with thievery insults.

Political analyst Herman Manyora is along the most sober Political experts this country is blessed to have. In his latest video, Herman Manyora has spoken on 2022 politics without leaving out the Judiciary and BBI appeal case.

According to Harman Manyora the BBI case was under whelming and Lawyers performed poorly. The matter was reduced into a kindergarten Game when it had a lot of importance to the country. Manyora stated that the judges did not have to wait for two months to give the verdict. Herman Manyora warned Hon. Raila Odinga over Attacking DP William Ruto calling him a thief.

Manyora said that all Kenyans are thieves and so Raila Odinga was making a major blunder stating on what he will do to corrupt leaders. Manyora said he will loose miserably what he needs is shut his mouth and get Power fast. If he continues saging what he will do to corrupt leaders he won't make it to the top job.

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