Herman Mashaba seems to be having the last laugh: Look what he had to say about some SAn Politicians

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South African well-known Poltican, Herman Mashaba has taken to Twitter to somewhat post a tweet which, by all indications, appears to have prompted many South African people to react with mixed reactions. It must be remembered that Herman Mashaba is currently the leader of ActionSA. And Mashaba has been part and parcel of South African politics for many years now.

In the meanwhile, Herman Mashaba has argued that some South African Politicans at first they will ignore you and or fight you. However, they will later copy you. Herman Mashaba has even went to the extent of putting a laughing emoji to indicate that he is really having the last laugh. It is rather unfortunate that the leader of ActionSA didn't share too much information on his tweet. However, judging by some of the replies the tweet got: it would seem some people got the gist of what Herman Mashaba's tweet is about.

Well, in his own words, Herman Mashaba posted the following on his official Twitter account:

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you... then they copy you.Some politicians in this country"

Herein is the screenshot of Herman Mashaba's tweet:

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