Bathu CEO Theo Baloyi makes Riky Rick's Shoe for fans to buy but Mzansi is not impressed

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Bathu CEO Theo Baloyi makes Ricky Rick's Shoe for fans to buy but Mzansi isn't impressed:

- After Ricky Rick's passing a lot of people have been shocked and in disbelief of what had happened to the young always happy soul Ricky Rick. The rapper and musician who loved kids who were trying to squeeze in the music industry.


The Founder and CEO of Bathu a South African local brand has made a shoe tribute public dedicated to Ricky Rick and it has Mzansi diening the fact that the shoe is for Ricky Rick and was made to honour Ricky Rick in Anyway possible.

The CEO of Bathu announced it to be Rocky Rick's honouring his passing, the Shoe is very much appealing and good to wear. The colour of the shoe is yellow and it has a face of Ricky Rick's face printed on its front. The other pair Reveals the Cottonfest logo which is an event Ricky Rick came with oh his own.

The Cottonfest has been around for many years and it's an event were young teenagers come to show off they're culture what they wear what they made for themselves and many other fashionable clothes they made own they're own.

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I personally think they is nothing wrong with the shoe or the design, And I don't think that the CEO of Bathu Theo Baloyi could just go on to make a Shoe about Ricky Rick who was a Brand before passing without talking to his manager for approval. The Shoe has everything about Ricky Rick and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Mzansi were not impressed as they weren't on to say the Shoes face didn't look anything like Ricky Rick, Others went to say that all the profit made from the Shoe should be given to the family, here are some of the tweets shared by twitter users,

What do you think? What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the shoe doesn't look anything like Ricky Rick's face? Drop a comment, like, share and follow for more articles to come in the future.


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