Who Founded Bata Shoe Company?


Bata shoe company was founded by three siblings Tomas,Anna and Antonin in Czech republic,1894. Antonin left the company to join the army in 1895 while their sister got married, leaving only Tomas Bata to manage the company.

Bata shoe company was one of the first mass-production shoe companies in Europe,and today,the business has oppened it's branches all over the world.

In Kenya,the company was established in 1939. It cuerently has a presence across East Africa,while most of the shoes are produced locally. The factory located in Limuru town produces shoes for local markets in East Africa.

School shoes has been the signature of Bata shows for decades, and the well known outdoor show(safari boot). Other brands such as Ngoma Canvaz has also become popular over the years.

Even though cheaper shoes are imported in Kenya from other countries like China,Bata is still repositioning itself as the place for fashionable shoe made locally.

In July 12th,1932,Tomas Bata and his pilot died in a plane crash on their way to open a new branch in Switzerland.

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