"Two Peas In A Pod" Esther Musila Says As He Does This To Guardian Angel

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Esther Musila a wife to the famous gospel musician has went ahead to show us how their love is so real.

In a post in her Instagram yesterday, Esther Musila referred herself and Guardian Angel as two peas in a pod. This means that the two are so in love and their love is so delicate.

"Two Peas in a pod." Esther Musila captioned her picture with her husband.

Guardian also joked about the fact that Esther Musila in the photo wanted to sit instead of Guardian Angel. According to the photo we see Esther begging Guardian Angel to give her the seat.

This action has raised eyebrows on the social media in-laws and they went ahead to tell him that Esther is pregnant and so she deserves to sit.

With the rumors going on, it has not been confirmed if she is really pregnant or not.

The two are in love ever since their first sight.

Source: @esther.musila (Instagram)

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