Why Diet Soda is Worse than You Think

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Though calorie-free, several studies have revealed that diet soda comes with risks that many people do not know. 

Most people love diet sodas because they do not come with the dangers associated with full-sugar drinks. For this reason, many individuals usually think that diet sodas are healthier than the sugary substitutions.

Here are the health problems that are associated with diet soda;

1. Cardiovascular conditions

According to the American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), those who consume diet soda for a longer period, about a decade, are likely to suffer cardiovascular illnesses or heart attack. A recent report in USA Today indicates that diet soda can also lead to hypertension because of the high sodium contents that are usually used to flavour them. 

2. Weight-related health issues

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Although the diet sodas normally have little calorie in them. World Health Organization (WHO) notes that these diet soft drinks can lead to being overweight. Since the diet soda does not have sweeteners, the brain will always feel unsatiated leaving people to opt for more snacks. The snacking habit if not dealt with will lead to obesity. 

3. Poor bone health

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Diet sodas usually contain high contents of phosphorus. The phosphorus can interfere with the body’s ability to take in calcium. With inadequate calcium in the body, one is likely to develop weak and brittle bones in the long run. 

4. Interference with the digestive system

When consumed in large quantities, diet soda contains aspartame that can upset bacteria found in the gut. Upsetting the gut bacteria can bring problems to the digestive system as food won’t be digested properly. 

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