Photos. See the new wonders made by Ghanaian children


Ghanaian children have shown that they are the nation's greatest assets and that they are the country's future and with them the future of this nation looks bright. They have decided that if no one is going to invent a new toy for them for free so that their parents can save their money, they are going to do it themselves. And that's exactly what they did.

With no technical know-how but just the necessity to have something nice to play with, they have created this wonderful toy car. A toy car when look from afar you may think they are powered by a battery or something but rather far from it. 

When I first saw it I thought that it is just another toy car made from another country that it is powered by some battery. It was when I later saw that a lot of children are using the same kind of toy that I decided to take a closer look at it. And what I saw was an incredible simple toy made by the children themselves.

On a closer look I realised that the whole thing was made of a small box, a few broom sticks, a rubber straw, a few rubber bottle cups, and a rubber band. These things are put together in an incredible ingenious way to create the toy car. They showed me how it was done, and I saw the mechanical idea behind it, but I couldn't do it myself even though they keep telling me it is easy to do. 

Even though they did not understand the mechanical engineering behind it, that it is just a new toy they've made to play with, I saw the genius of what they have invented and that with them in charge this nation's future will be magnificent.

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