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Often times you get to watch and read such stories and wonder what is God's message in all these. What it the purpose of these people facing so much struggles.

Here is Divine, a girl who only managed to start walking at 8 years of age! Hermother says Divine was born being a normal baby, and no signs of diseases were there.

Until at 6 months, she started developing Pimples and they thought it was just the baby skin reaction to what they were using on her.

But things got worse as more rough skin started forming on ber tummy. She was in so much pain amd was bedridden for 8 years without any medical assistance.

The billagers started calling her a Dinosaur. To which puzzled her parents as they had never heard that animal before.

They decided to take her to hospital. Doctors told them there was not really much they can do. But they tried and she started walking at 8 years. Divine has lost her hearing and needs someone to shout when talking to her.

All they need is to take their daughter to hospitals abroad. But without the financial means, they cannot afford.

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