'Tuuziwe Hizo' See Motorbike Using Just Ksh340 From Nairobi To Mombasa, See Their Price

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Kenyans living in average and below average lifestyle can now travel from Nairobi to Mombasa at a cost of Sh340, thanks to changing world. While making presentation at the Kenya power Expo 2022, Electric motorcycles CEO unveiled the company's flagship electric motorcycles that are fuel efficient and more advantageous than the traditional fuel dependent type. According to the CEO, a full charged motorbike can last its user for 100 kilometers at a cost of Sh70. What amazing!

The same distance can actually be covered by petrol motorcycle consuming 2.5 litres that cost Sh390. In that case, to cover 485 kilometers distance that is from Nairobi to Mombasa, a motorist will only require Sh340 while using electric motorcycle.

This is opposed to petrol one which will need Sh1890 to cover the same distance. So far the company has manufactured only 200 units of electric motorbike but the project will expand 5000 units by the end of the year. And by close of 2023, the company aims to manufacture 30,000 units. The motorcycle is valued at Sh180000 slightly more than the diesel version which cost Sh150,000.

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