17 nuggets of wisdom Married People Want You To Know

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Geting Married is quite possibly the biggest commitment two people can ever make to each other- but how do you make sure that promise last a Lifetime? Thanks to a recent Reddit Thread that asked Married couples to share their Best piece of advice for newlyweds, we have a better understanding of how to make marriage work for long Haul.

Here are 17 but big nuggets of WISDOM Worth taking to Heart.

1. Always have each other's back in Public. Never belittle your spouse. Have all the disagreement people normally do but let the world know you two are best friends.

2. Argue all you want, but it shouldn't be you vs. your So. It should be you ( Together) vs. the problem.

3. When you are angry and having a fight, refrain from calling your Spouse name of any kind.

4. There is more than one right way to do something ( e.g load the dishwasher, fold the laundry, etc).

5. Never stop dating your spouse.

6. Make sure that you make time for Sex.

7. Show appreciation! Always say Thank you, even for a little things. Being married to someone doesn't make you entitled to anything that they do for you.

8."Choose your battles. Sometimes you just need to breathe and Carry on. Communication! Communication! Communication!

9. Love is an action verb. Love your Spouse Actively everyday.

10. Arguing occurs when being right is more important than listening to your spouse.

11. No matter how bad the fight, how Frustrated look for something to be thankful for in Your spouse. It will help calm you and give a second to clear your head

12. No one argue well at midnight. So sometimes it is ok to go to bed angry. Consider it a timeout to regroup.

13. Kiss each other everyday

14. Never stop Listening

15. You put her first, she puts you first. If you're always more concerned about her needs than your own and she's more concerned about your needs than her own you will not have many problems.

16. You most remember: You're not in Battle. You're not Boxing. You're not Opponent. You are working together towards a common cause:A happy, health, productive life together.

17. Always! And Always assume the other person has Best intentions. Let Small stuff go. Never stop being considerate or doing gestures ' just because.

Let's stay together. Having someone Wonder were you are when you don't come home at night is a very old human need!

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