God is Great: Meet The Man Who Has Never Poo Or Urinates But Eats Like Everybody Else (Photos)


When a child has been born, the entire body should be expected to have its head, arms, hands, legs and every part of the body to make it a complete human being. These are indicators of the welfare and survival of a baby who has no any defect whatsoever. However, nature also shows us something totally different to the usual things that we see on a daily basis.

The half-body guy, Mr Kenny Easterday, who's still alive, healthy, physically sound, safe and comfortable with his life. Things might sound usual to the public, but that's simply the truth, Mr kennedy is an American with rare infantile diseases, and it wasn't until his legs could be amputated off his hip that he was able to keep healthy and stay alive.

He was fortunate enough to surpass the operation, people has been asking alot of questions about him especially as they keep raising questions like where does the food he eats goes? How does he take his shower in the bathroom and how does play around?

He's a clear evidence that God truly exists and he's the only one that's capable of doing anything he likes. Mr Kenny Easterday is also a real proof that God has the final saying and that something that people can never believe is what God specialises in doing so as to make us believe his existence is real.

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