Six killed in horror crash.

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On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 24, an accident between a cab and a light motor vehicle occurred on the N1 near Mookgopong in Limpopo. As a result of the crash, SIX persons lost their lives.

According to Ross Campbell, a spokeswoman for ER24, paramedics arrived at the site just before two in the afternoon and saw the light motor vehicle entirely engulfed in flames.

"A cab was discovered laying on its side around forty meters farther away from the street. According to Campbell, five victims were discovered on the site with injuries that were deemed lethal, and the paramedics pronounced all of them dead at the spot.

He said that a patient was discovered with serious injuries; nevertheless, despite the best efforts of the paramedics, the patient passed away at the site of the accident.

"An other patient who was discovered to be in a serious state was transported to the hospital by medical helicopter in order to get further medical attention. Our paramedics did not have a complete understanding of the events that led up to the occurrence; nevertheless, local officials were present at the site to continue their investigation," added Campbell.


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