Daddy Freeze, My Name Is Mrs Deborah, Don't Address Me As “That Woman & Her Son” Again— Mrs Deborah

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Today is Tuesday being the 15th of June 2021 and the mother of an alleged maltreated school boy, Mrs Deborah Okezie has recently taken to her Facebook page as she reacts against a statement from Ifedayo Olarinde who is popularly known as Daddy Freeze.

Merged Photo of Daddy Freeze and Mrs Deborah Okezie:


According to Mrs Deborah Okezie, Daddy Freeze addresses her and her son, Don Davis as “that woman and her son”. She tagged the statement from Daddy Freeze as an insult to her, she threatens to continuously drag him on social media if he try it again.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook – Deborah Okezie.

“I just want to send a warning to Freeze, maybe he doesn't know, but I want to let him know that he should do his things without adding peoples name...

“Now Daddy Freeze, the video you did, I know that most persons have seen it... Now where you got me involved here is, you said ‘what is that woman’s name, that woman and her son’.


“Freeze, I am not that ‘woman and her son’, respect is something you err, if you want to use someone as an example in your live section, get the fact about them. Don't ever address me as that woman and her son.

For easy confirmation of her statement against Daddy Freeze, Please skip the video to 05:00.

You Can Watch The Video On Facebook:


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