Esther Musila Fans Sweet Reactions After She Posted Her Photos While At The Gym (Photo)

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Famous Esther Musila who is a wife to Guardian Angel is well famous for keeping her body fit. She is well known for her body fitness and she looks younger than her age.

Esther Musila has posted a photo of herself in a gym. She usually goes to the gym twice in a week.

Esther Musila said that she is doing the gym work with her own feelings and nothing more.

Fans went ahead to comment on the photo. The comments were as follows;

" Keep up you are fit. Grace ya God iko upon you."

"Had missed seeing you doing workouts but finally you did. Healthy na kuoga vizuri."

Esther Musila was married by Guardian Angel who is a gospel singer at a glam wedding in late January this year.

They are in love despite their age difference. Esther Musila looks younger because she goes to the gym twice in a week.

Source: @esther.musila (Instagram)

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