They claimed he was dead only for him to be alive

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Nigerian movies have been a favourite for May for a long time in Kenya. These movies not only bring out what happens in reality but also entertain people.

In this field slot of actress and actresses had been known and have become famous to many people. Among these is Chinedu Ikedieze.

He became famous after being the leading actor in the popular Nigerian movie Aki na Ukwa. He acted among the other lead actor Osita Iheme who was casted as Ukwa.

This movie is one of the most iconic Nigerian movies and sine then the two have rose to fame. Due to their height they were usually given roles as children despite their ages.

Sometime back, rumours had it that one of the boys had died. It turned out to be Chinedu. However these allegations were false as Chinedu is very much alive.

People had spread fake news of his death all over social media and in short span of time everyone believed the story.

However Chinedu is now a grown man and married to one of Nigeria's top designers. He is a loving father and husband.

Just yesterday, Chinedu celebrated his fourth third birthday together with his family.

Osita and Chinedu are the reason why some of us had an awesome childhood with their entertaining movies.

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