I Am Yet To Hear One Ghanaian Celebrity Throw Their Support Behind The Arise Ghana Demo. Kevin Taylo

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The Arise Ghana Demonstration has been the trending issue in Ghana now. Many people took to the streets to demonstrate because of the hardship in the country during the 'Arise For Ghana' demonstration. People from different parts of the country came in massively to join the protesters on the streets of Accra during the demonstration.

The peaceful demonstration later turns chaotic between the police and demonstrators, who see some police and demonstrators injured. According to the Ghana Police Service, 12 of their men were injured. After all the chaos that happened yesterday, the leaders of the Arise Ghana Demonstration insist that the demonstration will continue today at 12pm.

This made the United States of America based journalist Kevin Ekow Taylor react to the Arise Ghana Demonstration by asking why he hadn't heard any Ghanaian celebrities throw their support behind the Arise Ghana demonstration. He doesn't understand why Ghanaian celebrities are quiet on the ongoing Arise Ghana demonstration.

Kevin Ekow Taylor writes, "I am yet to hear one Ghanaian "celebrity" throw their support behind the Arise Ghana demo.The brutalities young Ghanaians are going through today is to save your lazy asses.The day the police will turn their guns at you "celebrities"we will be here to cheer the police on. "

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