Oshiomhole’s former Commissioner dumps APC

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Mr. Lucky James, a personal friend from the same Ward and a former commissioner in Comrade Adams Oshiomhole's administration as governor of Edo State, has quit the APC (APC).

I write this letter from a place of profound and wide thought, determination, and debates on multiple strata, according to a letter dated August 4, 2022 and sent to the Ward 10 Chairman of the APC in the Etsako West local government area. I, Chlef Lucky James, would like to submit my resignation as an APC member after carefully evaluating all of my serious and labor-intensive aspirations, experiences, sacrifices, and contributions to Action Congress, Action Congress of Nigeria, and now All Progressive Congress throughout the years.

I dissociate myself from the party and all of its symbols, artifacts, and ties.

However, given several adverse factors that have dogged the party for years—particularly since they unjustly damage my legions of admirers and me personally—this decision had to be taken.

Remember that I have been a devoted and active party member from the party's founding. I'd want to take this chance to thank the party for letting me participate in a number of capacities.

I sincerely request that all of my supporters in the state make this difficult decision because it is better to be respected and upbeat where you are.

I've learned through my time in the party that the party's idea of justice and fairness and my own disagree. My beliefs in justice, fairness, equality, and the rewards of hard work and effort are in direct conflict with the party's principles.

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