After telling us they will call us, this is what they do to our CV: Netizens complain bitterly

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This little piece will make you come to the understanding that finding a job in Ghana is a job on its own. Life in Ghana is not as easy as it seems and the struggle is very real on the outside. You wake up and the next thing you feel is stress piling up on you. Money is everything, and a person without money is just like a walking dead.

Many people are not living but surviving and this is because they have no money on them. After a keen analysis, I came by the conclusion that getting a job is one of the obstacles many Ghanaians are facing. Many people qualify for certain jobs and have certificates to back them but, our system makes it very difficult for them to find themselves jobs. It is no more about what you know, nowadays it is about who you know.

This is the reason why many graduates are unemployed. They qualify for jobs but unfortunately for them, they have no protocols to place them in higher places. On the other hand, some unqualified people are taking up high positions just because they have a protocol.

Now, whenever you apply for jobs, they ask you to bring your curriculum vitae and other files. One sad thing is, you can go to five different companies and after receiving these files, they never call you.

Well, it has been disclosed that some of them do not even open them. In a trending picture, you get to understand that they have bought a special machine for destroying those papers. These people just give you false hopes and later end up destroying them. The struggle is indeed real on the outside. May this never be our portion.

This is what some netizens had to say after seeing the trending picture;

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