The giant banana tree in the world, that it's fruits is as big as an adult arm.


I believe that many people are familiar with bananas and everyone love to eat them.

Some people take in banana just to lose weight, aid in digestion and also promote circulation. Eating more banana doesn't cause harm but rather helps the body to function properly.

There are so many types of banana in this world, however the largest banana in the world can be found in the mountains of New Guinea known as Musa Ingens.

This banana tree has large leaves, it can even be used as cushion to sit on it when travelling. Musa Ingens banana trees grow big and produce long banana which each of it is as big as an adult.

The trunk of this banana is so thick to the extent that even adult cannot embrace,it is suitable for growing in both hot and raining climate.

The leaves of Musa Ingens banana tree provide shade and shelter from the rains.

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