Things Every Christian Should Do Everyday

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There are things you should do as a Christian everyday.Here are things you should do as a Christian everyday.

1.Reading the Bible every morning and evening.As a Christian, you should read your Bible every day.The Bible teaches us Christian values.

2.Praying before eating the food. Nothing is easy in our life.Even eating food is dangerous.So you should play before you eat your food.

3.Playing for sick people and needy people.As Christian, you should play for the sick people in the home and hospital.God will listen to your prayers and heal them.

4.Pray for forgiveness of your sins.All of us do sins every day.For God to forgive you, you should pray for forgiveness of sins and God will forgive you.

5.Give thanks to those who bless you.A good Christian should give thanks to those who bless them.If somebody has blessed you, give thanks to him or her.

6.Forgive those who sins against you.You should forgive your sinner as God forgive you.

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