Don't Stay Home If You're In Kumawu. Massive Distribution Of Items By MP Among Residents Ongoing


The Member of Parliament for Kumawu constituency Hon Philip Basoah distributed good number of training materials to artisans in electoral areas within the communities across the entire constituency. The idea is to recruit and train 4 people who are by one or two things couldn't continued with their education within the electoral area but willing to have their hand making work.

The selected artisans(Masters) were; 100 Dressmakers, 50 Hairdressers and 50 Barbers and each of them received one training material. Therefore, hundred(100) Sewing machines, Fifty(50) Hairdryers and Fifty(50) shaving machines plus 50 steriliser machines respectively. 

According Hon Philip Basoah, he has already made plans to take care of their(Apprenticeship) training cost on agreed amount of 500 cedis per head with the artisans(Dressmakers and Hairdressers) including uniforms and other learning materials. 

The following are the photos from the occasion at his residence in Kumawu. This is what is expected of every member of parliament. Thinking about the residents and their standard of life