Purpose of this Devices being Placed on Cows' Stomach (Image)


This practice is believed to be in use for decades bt most researchers, it is not widely known by the general public.

Portholes is a term used to refer to the hole surgically inserted into the cows side to allow access to the animal's stomach contents, it is mostly applied in research centres.

The practice is known as cannulated or fistulated cows, the animals are fitted with a porthole like device that can be opened by a user.

When opened, the port hole can allow access to the largest stomach among the four (Rumen); the purpose of this is to optimise and regulate nutrition. The animal’s stomach is accessed using a Cannula.

Animal rights activist are against this idea and have greatly criticized it, with some claiming its an unfair idea of farming.

Reasons For Fistulating a Cow

1.Research a cow's digestion, mostly dairy cows.

2. Analyze the nutritional value of foods in a research institute.

3. Improving the microbiome of a cow with digestive disturbance.

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