Sign of Hope For LPG Users as Details Emerge of This Plan to Stop Implementation of The 16% VAT


Following the introduction of the 16% VAT on liquified petroleum gas by the government, most people especially those living in the urban has been affected greatly considering the economic hardships in the country, but despite this, there is a sign of hope following the emergence of a plan to stop its implementation.

According to the Star, a bold Kenyan private citizen has moved to the court requesting the court to stop the implementation of the new VAT imposed on the LPG, claiming that this will force people to use the alternative which is charcoal and firewood which are not environmentally friendly and risk nature damage.

"A private citizen has filed a case in court challenging implementation of the 16 percent VAT on cooking gas," Tweeted the Star.

This shows that there is some light at the end of the tunnel and those who depend entirely on LPG as their source of cooking now have some hope that the court will intervene and stop the implementation of this high tax, therefore affecting positively on the price of the product.


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