A Mother Of Six Narrates What Happened After She Got Married To Her Husband

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A 42 years old mother of six named Boatemaa is a physically challenged woman who has been married to Kudjoe for 22 years and has been blessed with six children. According to the woman, she never goes to the hospital for check ups whenever she gets pregnant but was able to give birth to all the six children safely. She said although she is disabled but worked hard to support her husband.

They were all living happily, her husband also provides them with everything they need but 8 years ago Kudjoe lost his private teaching job and that was when he stopped taking care of the children. Boatemaa revealed that she has been selling second-hand clothes at the market to provides their basic needs but her husband don't want to work and support her ever since he stopped teaching.

Boatemaa again said she has been able to send her first child to the University without her husband's help. She even gave Kudjoe GHC100 to start selling second-hand clothing with it but he spent all those money without getting any interest from it. The woman explained that what makes her sad and worried at the same time is that her husband used any little money he gets to buy alcohol and drink.

Instead of him to search for different work to do, he always spent his time at the drinking spot. According to Kudjoe, he used to take care of his children at the time he was teaching at a private school. But he has been going through financial problems since he lost his job that's why he has not been taking care of the kids.

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