Surgeon Praised After Performing A Surgery To Correct A Defect, On The Baby's Mouth


A surgeon has been showered with praises after performing a surgery on the baby's mouth to correct A defect on his mouth.

The said surgeon expertly, performed a reconstructive surgery on the baby's face, to restore the baby's beautiful face.

The photo of the baby's face before and after the surgery has since been shared to the popular Facebook group 'silent art'.

In the first photo, the baby seems to be having a birth defect on his upper mouth, with deformities visible on the nose.

In the second photo, after the surgery, the baby seemingly in high spirits as he smiles with the cute face.

Netizens could not stop showering praises at the surgeon, honoring him for his outstanding work.

One jubilant netizen pointed out the surgeon's exemplary work saying, he did a 'wonderful job'.

Another one retorted to summarize the whole surgeon's masterpiece work with the word 'beautiful'.

Surgeons for the past century have been advancing their surgery game,Iowing to the improving technology and the thorough research.