Drama as a Matatu Explodes And Burns To Ashes With Residents Watching Helplessly In Kakamega


Drama ensued at a Kakamega shopping center after a matatu bursted info flames minutes after being taken for a repair.

According to Sikika road safety page the matatu belonging to Western Shuttle burnt down to ashes minutes after it was taken to a garage.

Sources indicate that it had just been taken to the welding area before the incident occurred, residents and the vehicle's owner watched helplessly as the vehicle burnt down.

The scary incident occurred just hours after another two vehicles burnt to ashes in Imara Daima.

Cases of vehicles burning down of late have been on the rise with a majority associating Arson to the incident.

However on this particular case motorists have been warned of taking vehicles to the welding areas as many end up burning down.

Firefighters are currently at the scene trying to put off the Flames that have already engulfed the whole vehicle.


Use the right channels to make sure you get your vehicle repaired, otherwise you will end up in the samw situation.

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