'I'm my sister's husband's pet, which he uses whenever she isn't around.' (Fiction)


Ella is my name, and I'm 23 years old. My sister, Mini, and I are Nigerians who currently reside in Ghana. Mr. Alexander is my sister's husband and a Ghanaian. I'm also the mother of his son.

Mr. Alexander works as a professor at one of Ghana's private universities. They are students who live on campus. My sister is an entrepreneur who operates outside of Ghana. She is interested in purchasing and selling clothing. She is unable to devote time to her husband because of her work.

With the assistance of my sister's husband, I was able to gain admission to this university. They already have a place to stay, so I didn't need to rent a hostel. We were sharing an apartment at the time. My decision to attend university was, in one way or another, influenced by my sister's desire for me to run the household while she was not present.

And when my sister is around, I almost always do something around the house. I wash their sheets, cook for them, clean for them, and even make their beds on occasion. Mr. Alex admires me greatly because of my outstanding performance at home. He started buying me sexy clothes and told me to wear them for him. He usually gives me money and sometimes invites me to meetings with him. In the absence of my sister, we completed all of these tasks. 

When my sister was away, he came to my room one night and we did something we weren't supposed to do. We had a fling. 'Now that I'm his pet, he uses me whenever my sister isn't home.'

They've been married for two years without having a child, and he told me they can't have children because of my sister's medical condition. He has vowed to take me abroad now that I am pregnant for him. My sister is unaware that I am now his number one lover. 

My sister and I are not biological sisters, which is the fact of the matter. To our parents, I am an adoptive daughter. 

I recognize that allowing him to sleep with me was a mistake, but I'm at a loss about what to do next. I'm looking for some support.

Thanks for your time.

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