New Twist as it Emergs Bus That Caused Murang'a Horrifying Accident Was Previously Exposed by Ntv

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last year December 17,2021 this moyale bound bus was captured bullying other motorists along the highways and nothing was reportedly done.

Sadly, yesterday the 21st of Jan 2022 the same vehicle from the same sacco caused a horrifying road accident along the busy Nairobi Murang'a Highway.

In a clip shared some media stations this morning a bus rammed a matatu that later rolled several times injuring its occupants.

Huge number of netizens have questioned why this same vehicle that was exposed by Ntv last year for harassment along the highway caused another accident.

Netizens have called for the NTSA to act first and make sure that this bus is removed from the highways before lives are lost.

Lately, so many kenyans have lost their lives after some horrifying road accident along the highways.

A huge number of these collisions have occurred after some rogue drivers were found to be overspeeding and some not observing the set road rules and guidelines

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