“If You Have Set Up a Shop, May Your Shop Burn to Ashes”- Actress Eucharia Anuobi Blasts Doris Ogala

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“If You Have Set Up a Shop, May Your Shop Burn to Ashes”- Actress Eucharia Anuobi Blasts Doris Ogala

Following the lootings, and destructions that have been done in several parts of the country, some business owners have really lost a lot. Some of these business owners have had their goods carted away, and their shops destroyed. Among these business owners are some celebrities, and they have taken to their social media pages to reveal what happened to them as regards their vandalized stores, and shops.

One of these celebrities whose property allegedly got vandalized is Uche elendu who is a well-known actress in the movie industry. She revealed via her Instagram page that her investments got looted by hoodlums, she wrote: “They took all my years of struggle and hard work from me, I thank God for life, posterity will judge all of you”. She asked for the lord to strengthen her, and she shared photos of her vandalized property. 

However, her colleague Doris Ogala, who is also an actress called her out for editing her post by sharing the shop of someone else. Doris wrote: “This is not nice, I know the owner of those shops, this pure deceit. People should stop taking advantage of the situation. Kindly mention the shop owners, if not I will repost and expose it”. Check out the post below.

Legendary actress Eucharia Anuobi, was seen in a recently released video speaking out against what Doris Ogala said about Uche elendu.

The video featured her, Uche elendu, and actress Monalisa chinda. Eucharia could be heard in the video saying "I am your prophetess, and those who are speaking evil against this your store, saying you are chasing clout, may they never set up a shop. If they have ever set up a shop, may their shop burn up to ashes”. She then went on to warn people who are using their influence as entertainers to speak evil against a fellow colleague to desist from the act. Check out the video through the link below.


It is obvious that every word being spoken in the video was directed at actress Doris Ogala because she was the only one who called out Uche elendu for her post about her vandalized shop.

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