Oscar Sudi's Message To Jubilee Party Hours After Raila Odinga Named Martha Karua His Running Mate

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Hon. Oscar Sudi has hinted through his official facebook page hours after Raila Odinga named the NARC Kenya party leader Hon Martha Karua as his running mate in the August 9 presidential elections.

According to him the jubilee party could not deliver the running mate position to it's party. Raila Odinga's choice to pick Martha Karua his running mate in this year's presidential elections have spanked mixed reactions across the country.

"My former party Jubilee; You couldn't make any of your member as Azimio flag bearer or even running mate not even Chief Cabinet Minister. Nyinyi ni watu bure kabisa". Hon. Oscar Sudi wrote.

Do you think that Martha Karua will deliver Mt Kenya region to Raila Odinga in this year's presidential elections? It's now a matter of wait and see what happens in the coming months if Raila Odinga will win the presidency or not.

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