Master Give Me My Keys: Uber Driver Engaged In A Fight With Police Officer.(watch)


Nobody knows what prompted the enmity between drivers and those who operate commercial vehicles. There have been numerous incidents of drivers suffering at the hands of professional drivers, such as trotro drivers. Other cops have also been subjected to the wrath of certain motorists. The police officer who was battered by a driver and his comrade on Kasoa Road is a good example. In the worst-case scenario, some officers were killed when they were ran over by enraged motorists.

An Uber driver was seen in a near-fight with a police officer who attempted to plug out his keys while the vehicle was in motion, according to a video shared on social media by Accrablogger. The driver was enraged by the police officer's action, and he resisted the officer's effort to take his keys. The motorist requested that the police officer take him wherever he wished, but the officer refused.

They were persuaded to be cautious by a female passenger in the back seat who was concerned for her safety, but to no avail.

Watch video here


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