We should stand up as a country and protect our own


We are the point where the poor have no choice but to go for what belongs to the rich to feed there desperate families. A hungry nation with everyone pointing figures, and nobody is taking the blames.

With the new normal of this country, joblessness is almost the anthem of the government. Idle citizens doing nothing with there life a risk of the nation's security as far as the tomorrow's generation is concerned.

Unfortunately there are a lot of online fake money making sites that are mercilessly milking Kenyans dry, in the name of you invest with them and get quick profits. This sites ambassadors come sweetly advertising on several platforms with fake testimonial screenshots and promises. Woe unto you if you join.

As a citizen we should stand up as a country and be our own brother's keeper. Protect ourselves from such greedy, selfish thieves that are messing with the Kenyans small coins. Sensitising Kenyans in why they shouldn't be lured by this fake online platform but rather look for something to add value on there economical life.

MishenEmily kenya_public@operanewshub.com