'Teach your children these things' - Headmaster warns parents on bad teachers


'Teach your children these things' - Headmaster warns parents on bad teachers

The life of every child is influence at a certain stage as he or she begins schooling, and it was with this aim the Headmaster of Pride Preparatory School at Ejisu gathered Parents and guardians of pupils at the school to lecture them about the new happenings at the school. Rev Mark Marteau is the headmaster of the Pride Preparatory school and has since his day of being the school's current headmaster in 2018, been meeting with parents and guardians every term to make them understand their roles as parents so they the authorities at the school can know how to treat each child at the school. 

Prides Preparatory School has within the past three weeks experienced some form of abuse in the school, and as the headmaster, Rev Mark Marteau addressed the parents this morning, he made mention of some of the problems facing the school right now which forced him to call the meeting. Rev Marteau started with what happened three weeks ago when a teacher of the school was caught with one of the students in school. 

The teacher had lured the student, a form three student into his house with the aid of helping her do her home works. The student had previously been complaining to her teachers that, she doesn't get time to do her homework because of how her parents treat her in the house. She works from afternoon to evening as soon as she gets home and becomes tired when it's time for her to study and do her home works, and that affects her academics to the point of the teacher using that to lure the student home.

The student was able to rush out of the rock before the teacher could enter her and that brought the attention of people around the house, who self arrested and took the teacher to the police station. The school is still cooperating with the police as the teacher has been remanded into police custody. The headmaster Rev Marteau used the opportunity to lecture the parents on the need to have time for their children and the power of giving them free extra time when they get home.

Instead of been adamant to your child or children and burying yourself with office works and other things, teach your child(ren) these things; First no child is beyond the doctorings of saying NO to anyone when they don't feel like it. Teach your children to say NO so no one can take advantage of them. Tell them it is never right to sit on the laps of other people especially men and warn them to stay away from such people. Even with your relatives, warn them to stay away from such family members who might instruct them to sit on their laps.

Also, avoid allowing people to call your children their wives and husbands. Do not allow anyone to call your daughters their Wife, my wife, or whatever that shows even emotions or friendship, or by the time you will realise, they would have taken advantage of the child without your knowledge. 

Allow your children to play but allow them to play with responsible children, not people who will be taking and discussing some illicit things which will manifest into the thoughts of your children to even try it or practice it.

Listening to your children and give them the privilege to tell you anything they are going through or if something is bothering them. Allow yourself to be open to your children so they do not hide anything from you. This helps bring the children to you the parents as Rev Mark Marteau discussed this morning.  

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