Why Muslims Do Not Use Chairs While in The Mosque

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Different religions groups in different parts of the world have distinct doctrines. In spite of the fact that in many places of worship, Worshippers are provided with chairs and benches, mosque do not provide seats.

During worship sessions for most religious groups, Worshippers can to sit on chairs or benches as they listen to the sermon. However, Islamic sermons consist of some activities that do not necessitate the use of seats in the mosque.

Muslims will confirm to you that there are no seats in their worship places. But, why is it like that for Muslims when most places of worship provide seats that are properly organized for their Worshippers?

The absence of seats in the mosque is because of the various forms of worship that Muslims conduct.

The "sujood" movements of Muslims during worship sessions in Mosque discourage the use of chairs. Muslims often lie prostrate while praying thus making it very difficult to sit on a raised line like sitting on a chair.

Muslims also bow and kneel several times while worshipping. Having chairs around would make it very difficult to do these rituals. Even though there are no seats in mosque, beautiful and soft carpets are provided to keep Worshippers comfortable while sitting on the floor.

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