Trending- Paul Adom Otchere to storm court because of this issue?


Paul Adom Otchere is insulted on the regular for being a loudmouth or not knowing what is mostly saying. Though he has tried and managed to play fair in the political world, many concerned Ghanaians and politics-loving Ghanaians feel better is biased and pushes his love for the Npp. Paul’s work as a journalist and a key political member who is recognized by many has earned him respect as well as numerous threats.

Paul Adom Otchere in a latest revelation this evening has caused massive stir as some personalities behind certain accounts threaten to end his life. In fact, this is a serious matter which after he claims he has received was shocked to some extent. How the person got his personal WhatsApp number was what was worrying him at first until these messages were sent.

Look at the messages below:

Paul Adom Otchere whiles speaking today revealed that legal actions must be taken against such acts because this is unacceptable. Paul looked disappointed on how he could be threatened this way for doing nothing wrong but only playing his part as a patriot and strong believer of politics. People are in suspense as they look forward to seeing who is behind this.

Paul Adom Otchere has made it clear that these are the steps he is going to take but the media will be aware of whatever transpires. What do you think is the best approach for this? Must he let go or take actions? Kindly comment below.