Uzalo - 'Big Zulu' own one of this taxis


It was either this or the Caravelle I 2.6i (ifriji), the most comfortable combi kaToyota nicknamed (Zola Budd) who was South Africa's fastest woman athlete during those days.

This thing even had I heater under the seat yase backseat that's how classy it was, this is one of those cars which shared its engine with the famous 2.4 GLE Cressida and the 2.0 GSE together with the differential.

I was very young but I knew that when i Zola Budd had a Cressida engine, you can't catch it on the road, not even I Quantum was as beautiful as this was. During the Cressida Era Toyota had very very high standards.

This even came with automatic transmission for even better comfort.

Did you notice that this beauty came with the same 87' wheel caps as the GLi 6 from brand new?

This kind of a car are owned big Zulu and other Zulu people who still live in an old age.