Congratulations: Nitakufinya Men Finally Rewarded (VIDEO)


Today is a lucky day for the Nitakufinya men Aaron Musyoka and Matendechere. The two have finally been rewarded for making Kenyans happy with the viral video.

In an interview on Jalang'o, they were asked what they would like to get so as to transform their lives. They both said they'd love motorbikes and jobs since they are still struggling financially even after going viral.

Jalang'o told them that from today, they will be brand ambassadors of Jahazi flour mills where they will use the Nitakufinya and Finya phrases to advertise the Jahazi maize flour. He also stated that courtesy of Jahazi flour mills, they will each get a motorbike to use in business.

The two were excited by Jalango's surprise. They asked more Kenyans to reward them with goodies.

Congratulations to Aron Musyoka and Matendechere on their new job as brand ambassadors.

Watch their interview on Jalang'o TV by clicking this link;


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